Back to Basics

Getting back to basics in today's complicated world of mass  advertising, hype and the constant introduction of new and so called "innovative products" when does the consumer have to just stop and ask Why?  Why would I need that new product, is it really that much better than what I am using now?

That is the question we posed in response to all the new and improved ways to sleep. Memory foam beds, beds that run on air pressure, pillows in odd and unusual shapes made from a wide variety of mystery components. Ingredients from beans, to petrochemicals, styrofoam, plastic and who knows what else.

Getting back to basics is probably a very good idea. For centuries in Europe, the Middle East and South America the fabric of choice for clothing and bedding has been unprocessed, natural wool. The benefits of wool are immense. Now keep in mind that pure clean wool is much different from the scratchy itchy wool blankets, hats and sweaters we use here in the U.S for the most part. Those highly processed products are chemically stripped of all of wool's natural elements and if you itch from the fabric, and hear claims that you or your friends and family are "allergic" to wool, in reality it is probably not the wool you are sensitive to, it's the chemical processing! Natural, unprocessed organic wool keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Organic wool is totally exempt from US Government fire retardant chemical laws since unprocessed wool does not burn.

Now we know exactly where our wool comes from here at Wildridge. Northern California and Oregon. Our sheep are raised on certified organic pastures and are raised for the unique and soft pliable wool our Merino sheep produce for our WoolieBees certified organic wool pillows.

Nobody knows what the process is or what the ingredients are  for those memory foam mattresses or pillows.  Don't believe me? Visit a bedding store and ask. We do know that fire retardant chemicals are molecularly very close to mustard gas and the memory foam products are based on petrochemicals. Who wants to sleep on that?

If you have an older bed, or a memory foam bed and want to protect yourself from the "off-gassing" they constantly emit, try an organic wool mattress pad at This layer of pure soft wool, will not only produce the best ever nights sleep, but it will also protect you from the off gassing produced by the chemicals in your bed and mattress.

Lets get back to basics. There is great wisdom to be learned from simplicity and nature!

Now you Know