Organic Wool Bedding

In a day where we are all trying to escape from as many chemicals in our life as we can from our food, water, packaging personal care products and of course the enormous amount of herbicides, pesticides and petroleum based fertilizers, few realize that our bedding is also "drenched in chemicals as well. Are you sleeping on a cocktail of synthetic fire retardant chemicals night after night?

The answer is most likely yes!

Few realize that the US government requires all bedding, mattresses and even clothing from infants to adults, to be "treated' or ""dunked" with a variety of chemicals that are supposed to protect us from fire, but at what price to our health?  

Sleeping on the "off gassing" ( of fabrics treated with fire retardant chemicals ( ) can cause a variety of health problems. Do you ever wake up with watery or burning eyes? headache? runny nose, coughing wheezing or short of breath? Fire retardant chemicals have been linked to all these symptoms as well as some very serious illnesses which include fibermialgia and lupus and infertility. Even the most expensive bedding and down are treated with these chemicals

Luckily, organic wool is exempt from the fire retardant chemical mandate why? Wool is fire resistant naturally. That's right. Besides all the great sleep benefits of choosing 100% organic wool for your bedding, pillows and comforters, the benefits of wool are emerging once again as the best choice for a safe and comfortable night's sleep.

Allergy sufferers will be most interested in switching to 100% organic wool. All natural wool is soft and comfortable and hypo-allergenic. Do not confuse organic wool with the scratchy stuff you have experienced. That wool has been processed and all of its natural properties have been stripped away. Organic wool is the nicest thing you can do for your skin especially children and babies.

Switch to safe, soft, organic wool pillows and comforters for your best health. Makes for a very luxurious bed experience. Now you Know!