WoolieBee's Pillows

My WoolieBee's Pillow is as fresh and new today as it was when I bought it over 5 years ago" and, "Unlike my wool matted pillows, which have lost their form and now stink, my WoolieBee's keep their form and I love them".

This is what we hear all the time about our 100% certified organic WoolieBee's pillows. Here is what you should know about a WoolieBee's and why it is so different and so loved by their owners

Made from little "puffs" of soft certified organic wool from the Merino sheep in Oregon, these little "WoolieBee's are unique for their softness and keeping their "bounce"

Our sheep are only raised on a totally organic certified pasture and are bred for the amazing soft wool they produce and not used for meat.

WoolieBee's are totally washable. They contain no chemicals whatsoever either in the raising of the sheep or in the process of creating the little "puffs" of softness we call WoolieBees

Our WoolieBees pillow is totally adjustable. What do we mean by that? We ship our pillow very firm, but if you want a pillow less full and more smooshy, just remove some of the WoolieBees "puffs" for the perfect fit. Save your WoolieBee's in a bag, add or remove till you find the perfect volume for a pillow you will LOVE. Guaranteed!

100% Hyp0-allergenic. If you suffer from a running nose, sniffles, coughing or watery eyes, it may be your pillow which has most likely has been treated with harsh fire retardant chemicals Even down contains chemicals. A WoolieBees is totally chemical free, Why? Because organic unprocessed, wool does not burn, therefore it is exempt from the federal chemical mandates.

For 1,000's of years, natural wool has been used to keep explorers warm in the harsh blizzard regions of the earth and desert tribes cool in the hot blazing sun. Your WoolieBee's pillow will also keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, for a perfect nights sleep every night.

To Your Best Night's Sleep!