"On the Go" Lamb Fleece

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Our Very Popular "On The Go" Happy Lamb Fleece

Take this fleece with you wherever you go to provide your baby a safe, natural surface that is cozy and comforting. Made soft, Merino wool which is then woven into a backing of organic cotton fabric. Use this product in the carseat, in the stroller or anywhere you lay your baby down. Recommended for infants over 3 months of age.

It’s very important to create a natural sleeping surface for a baby. Studies show that a natural sleep surface actually lowers the heart rate and induces deeper, more beneficial sleep. Baby’s growth and development is rapid and babies do tend to sleep a lot, don’t they? This is a wonderful option to help them get their best sleep! 

Consider this to be a natural "sheepskin" without the skin and the chemicals that are used in a tanned hide. How? Super soft Premium Eco-Wool™ woven into a backing of 100% organic cotton. 

If a non-organic mattress is being used, we highly recommend a topper to put some distance between your baby and the non-organic mattress, which by law is required to contain fire retardant chemicals that have proven to be ill to our bodies.

This topper is approximately 1.5" thick and is unmatched in its softness. 

       - Made with organic cotton fabric and 100% organic Merino wool.  16" x 27"
       - Machine washable with special instructions provided.

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