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Our eco-wool mattress pads will provide you with the ultimate in sleep comfort! There is nothing you can compare against wool, and nothing so comforting and healthful as pure virgin wool. 100% wool fill, 100% natural cotton cover. Organic standards are followed by all of our farmers.

Our exquisite eco-wool mattress pads provide a soft breathable foundation for sound sleep.  Wool is absorbent, breathable and naturally resistant to mold, bacteria and dust mites.  Our wool mattress pads offer barrier protection from off-gasing of synthetic mattresses.  Our mattress pads offer relief from night sweats and temperature changes which is ideal for hot sleepers.  They are a bit more lofty than most, very similar to a bed topper and provide support and great air flow. 




We believe you will be more than delighted with your WoolieBees pillow, but if you are not completely satisfied you may return it to us (in original condition and with receipt) for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. Please phone prior to shipping.
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1 Review

31st Jan 2015

so comfy!

We bought this to cover our 2 year old memory foam mattress. I read recently that the chemicals that are put off from memory foam mattresses are very toxic. But since this is newer we didn't want to reinvest in a new mattress just yet. Not only does this serve its purpose but it's so unbelievably comfortable! It's warm and keeps you from getting sweaty like our mattress did. We love this and will be buying the wool comforter to replace our current down comforter.

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