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Our pillows are adjustable to fit your need! Filled with pearl sized puffs of soft virgin wool to provide the most perfect support and comfort you can imagine! Every pillow is shipped firm, but by simply opening the zipper and removing some of the wooliebees you can turn a firm into a medium or a soft… just the way you like it!
There is no finer or more comfortable pillow anywhere! Eliminate the over heating and night sweats common with down, feather and synthetic fills and foam. Wool is cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Pillows are shipped somewhat compressed and will fluff up to original size after a short time once unpacked. The first thing you need to do is to remove the pillow from the carton and its plastic carry bag and throw it into the dryer with a damp hand towel and let it tumble for 5 to 6 minutes on medium heat. This will fluff up your pillow to its proper plumpness.

Now you can test your pillow for your comfort level. Is it too plump?...Unzip the case and remove the desired amount of Wooliebees to take your pillow from firm, to medium or to soft…whatever you desire. Put the unused Wooliebees in storage for future use.

This process of fluffing your pillow to original plumpness is something you can do 6 months, a year or two years later…whenever you feel you want to plump your pillow. Wool is a natural, living fiber. It will not break down or crush like foam, down or any other synthetic fill on the market today.

Wool is anti-static. That means it will not absorb odor and it does not attract and hold dirt as synthetics and down does, so that means wool does not need to be washed as does other pillow fills. Washing your pillow case is usually enough. You may also remove the Wooliebees from their pillow case, put them in a basket, and wash the case in cool water on a delicate cycle and then low temperature dry.


When done, put your Wooliebees back in their case and fluff it up in the dryer as instructed above. If something extreme occurs (a pet wets on the pillow), you may wash the whole pillow as instructed above, but you should NOT dry the entire pillow in the dryer with heat! We recommend you throw the pillow into the dryer and let it air dry only. High temperatures and wet wool are not compatible. Air dry will do the job. The heat does not affect the dry wool, but when the wool is wet it tends to shrink it a bit.

If you just need to wash the pillow case, simply empty your WoolieBees into a bag and wash and dry as instructed.




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2 Reviews

21st Aug 2017


I waited a few months to write this to get a good impression of the pillow. My wife and I both have one now, and we love them. I started by taking most of the wool out, then adding more until it was right. I ended up putting most of it back in. My wife took out quite a bit more. It's very comfortable with the right amount of wool. It needs to be reshaped daily, but that's not really an issue at all. I highly recommend this pillow. It's well worth the price.

Tanner 18th Dec 2014


Super comfortable.

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